You Must Remember This: Sam Sifton Takes a Journey!

A number of interesting things happened today. But the devil’s in the details. Let’s see if you were paying attention! 

What’s Bill Murray’s take on Egypt, as explained on CNBC?

What does one get in return for focus-grouping Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark?

What Madonna classic sounds eerily similar to Lady Gaga’s new single–to the degree that it trended on Twitter?

Which Oscar winner does a hula contest with Jennifer Aniston in Just Go With It?

How good is Al Gore at playing Angry Birds?

What’s CPAC’s theme song? (Multiple answers acceptable.)

What does it mean to be a “ghetto” fashion blogger?

In what far-flung locale did Sam Sifton “eat pancakes and waffles in a room filled with tchotchkes and good cheer”? :: @DPD_