After Budget, Cuomo Praises Legislators: 'They Performed Admirably'

In a new video this morning, Cuomo touts having defeated “special interests” and the “lobbyists” to get the buget passed on time. Cuomo also throws praise at the members of the state legislature who, ultimatley, decided it was better to be seen as partners in this austere budget, rather than fight against it and pass it during emergency spending bills.

“I applaud the State Senate, and the Assembly. They performed admirably and the government worked as it should,” says Cuomo.

On that point, I’d just add that the governor did issue several “messages of necessity” allowing (forcing?) lawmakers to vote on the budget bills without the prerequisite three day waiting period, which is usually used to read the fine print of the legislation.

Tom Precious noted some of the most important budget information was not released until 9 p.m. last night, hours before the bills passed. Thomas Kaplan described the Capitol as “pandemonium” and wrote, “At times, legislators did not seem entirely sure about what they were voting on.”