Anjelica Huston to Publish Memoir With Scribner

Anjelica Huston–the only Hollywood heiress we know of to win an Oscar and get implicated in Roman Polanski’s trial–is set to write a memoir for Scribner, for publication in 2013. Big names bedeck the project, which Nan Graham, Scribner editor-in-chief, will edit and acquired from Bill Clegg. Everything you’d want to hear about will be mentioned in the book–or so promises the press release, which drops the names of father John Huston and longtime paramour Jack Nicholson. Writes Ms. Graham:

“We read the pages from Anjelica Huston with such admiration and exuberance. She is a writer. Her voice, her language, her sentences, her eccentric childhood are mesmerizing. This is a literary memoir as well as the story of a formidable actress and fascinating woman.” :: @DPD_