Barron to de Blasio: 'Disrespect' 'Opportunism' 'Unprincipled' 'Shame on You'

Take it away, Charles Barron [and note the praise for “LouFidler!]:


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March 1, 2011

Open Letter to Public Advocate Bill De Blasio

I am writing to express my outrage over your blatant act of disrespect, extreme opportunism and profound unprincipled behavior regarding your “Johnny-come-lately” announcement to the parents, teachers and children of P.S. 114 informing them that their school will not be closed. We already had the good news and did not need your help delivering it to the stakeholders.

Mr. Public Advocate you did not do the work to get P.S.114, a school in my district off the closure list. This protracted struggle was successfully waged by the parents, teachers, my office represented by our education liaison Lamont Carolina, Councilman Lou Fiddler, Senator John Sampson, Assemblyman Alan Maisel, and many others. Mr. Public Advocate you were nowhere to be found when my community was struggling to avert the closure of P.S. 114; yet you are quick to claim credit.

While I understand that you have aspirations to become mayor, this is not the way to go about fulfilling your ambitions. Mr. Advocate, for you to receive the news that P.S. 114 would be taken off of the closure list, from your contacts at the DOE, then for you to relay that information, like some sort of knight in shining armor coming to the rescue is opportunistic; especially without the consent of the many stakeholders who fought long and hard to remove P.S.114 from the closure list.

Fortunately the parents, teachers, and students of P.S.114 know the ‘real deal’. Shame on you Mr. Advocate, our children deserve a better role model.

Yours in struggle,

Council Member Charles Barron

42nd Council District

Barron to de Blasio: 'Disrespect' 'Opportunism' 'Unprincipled' 'Shame on You'