Brook-Krasny Signs With Cindy Darrison, Eyes Future Run

Brighton Beach Assemblyman Alex Brook-Krasny tells The Politicker that he has signed on with fundraising powerhouse Cindy Darrison. 

Brook-Krasny, the first Soviet-born member of the New York State Legislature, was first elected to the Assembly in the 2006, and said that local activists are trying to talk him into a run for the City Council when Dominic Recchia is termed out in 2013.

“People tell me that they think it would be a good idea,” he said. “I have a lot of good experience now and have worked with many different communities.”

But Brook-Krasny said that it be would “premature” to begin laying the groundwork for a future run, and he noted that he is continuing to rise in seniority in the Assembly, particularly since the body has so many new members.

Darrison is one of the leading fundraisers in the state, having helped David Paterson, Andrew Cuomo and Eliot Spitzer (among many many others) stock up for future campaigns.

“I think I need to organize my fundraising efforts,” Brook-Krasny said. “Mostly my fundraising has come from my friends, and the majority of them are Russian-speaking Americans. I would like to expand my base.”

John Liysyanski, who works for the City Council, is also considering a run for the Recchia seat, as are community activists Brian Gotleib and Todd Dobrin.

Brook-Krasny, however, said that the Council isn’t the only seat he is looking at. He said he may one day like to run for Congress, although he acknowledged, “I still think it will be very hard for a person from the Soviet Union to do something like this.”

The assemblyman is currently in Jerry Nadler’s congressional district, and said he wouldn’t run against the Upper West Side incumbent, but the district could change in the upcoming redistricting.


Brook-Krasny Signs With Cindy Darrison, Eyes Future Run