Brooklyn Lawyer Snagged in Corruption Probe, and Now, a Reality Show

Political corruption in New York manages to grab even more of the spotlight, courtesy of Lifetime’s Brighton Beach.

Sheepshead Bites:

Michael Levitis, lawyer and owner of Rasputin Nightclub (2670 Coney Island Avenue) confirmed to Sheepshead Bites that the show is focused, in part, on his family, a casting decision that comes as Levitis is caught up in an alleged corruption scheme with State Senator Carl Kruger.


“I wouldn’t say this is a criminal family. Yes, Levitis was involved with unfortunate incidents with Senator Kruger – but they resolved it and I don’t think Lifetime will put that in their episodes,” said [one-time show critic-turned-supporter, John] Lisyanskiy.

UPDATE: Lisyanskiy objects to my characterization of him as a “supporter” of the upcoming show, emailing me to say, “I remain neutral at this point waiting to see the final result of the pilot.”


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