Check Please! Zagat’s Mobile Head Ryan Charles Goes Full Start-up

ryan charles Check Please! Zagats Mobile Head Ryan Charles Goes Full Start up

Gonna get that paper

The brand new WeWork labs will be welcoming Ryan Charles and his startup Consmr when they open their doors Friday.

Word broke today that Charles was leaving his job as head of mobile at the venerable Zagat guide to focus full time on his startup, which is a sort of Yelp for consumer products that allows folks to check in and express opinions on items like shampoo or soup.

“We’re planning to raise funds in the near future,” says Charles, a smart move given the current founder friendly environment for funding. It was this development which led him to focus on his new space over a steady job.

“I know a lot about building a business and finding partnerships with established corporations,” says Charles, who helped Zagat integrate with Foursqaure and Foodspotting. Consmr already has some deals in place with big beverage brands.

“I think where we need help is on the funding side of things. We are going to have access to the kind of advisors at WeWork who can guide us through that,” says Charles.

Will WeWork prove to have the golden touch when it comes to funding, or is General Assembly one of a kind?