'Ching Chong' Shot Heard Around Social Media World

picture 8 5 'Ching Chong' Shot Heard Around Social Media WorldFoot-in-mouth syndrome seems to be getting ever more contagious, infecting the likes of NY comedian and ex-Aflac duck Gilbert Gottfried, as well as members of the New York City Ballet. It’s even wrecked the career of a veteran Brooklyn teacher.

Perhaps the nation’s most tweeted city ought to take a lesson from the other coast.

Out west, one Alexandra Wallace, a UCLA student who posted a video on YouTube March 11, blasted her Asian classmates for talking on the phone in the library (regarding, she presumes, their relatives in “the tsunami thing”), among other crimes. Ms. Wallace imitated an Asian student’s speech–“Ohhhh! Ching chong ling long ting tong”–while priding herself on her “American manners.”


The rant, which went viral despite being removed by Wallace on Sunday, promptly earned the third-year political science (indeed!) major a number of death threats. (None of this, by the way, is the lesson worth learning!)

Enter Jimmy Wong, a 24-year-old musician who decided to take a softer approach. He posted a video response Tuesday, March 15, featuring “Ching Chong,” a humorous love song dedicated to Wallace. It garnered over 125,000 hits in five hours, yet Wong’s ultimate victory lies in the fact that over 100,000 viewers and thousands of page subscribers have since populated his other videos. He was yesterday’s #1 most viewed musician on YouTube.


What messages can we send to Gottfried, ballet people, raging teachers and other loose-lipped New Yorkers? Unabashed “self-expression” is not always brave; in fact, it’s frequently dumb–unless done with artfulness, or song! (We must admit, it’s stuck in our head.)


  1. David Ehrenstein says:

    Apprently racism is “Freedom of Specch.” Objecting to racism is “not having a sense of humor.”

  2. vera sweeney says:

    ching chong…so true. makes my head hurt. oh america, where have you gone…dirty libs

  3. Ellep21 says:

    She probably dropped out of school because she flunked her finals.
    What an idiot and what a great response to her stupid rant.

  4. Masercot says:

    Leave Brittney Alone!

    Seriously, she’s just a dumb girl. Worse folks are being ignored while the hatred of an entire nations falls on her…

  5. Po says:

    Methinks that objection is a horse too easily curried. Personally I’ve never seen that problem with East Asians. However, this girl has, and she is trying to present her story with a light, humorous touch. If it doesn’t seem all that light, this could be because she is dealing with a serious issue, one that most people are too cowardly to take on.

  6. cyndy greger says:

    I love Jimmy Wong! What a great response to an ignorant UCLA non-grad.

    I’ve got kids in HS and Jr. High and I had them watch both videos (AW & then JW) and we have had many discussions about all aspects of this entire incident.

    My family is from a now-forgotten minority (but previously discriminated against) here in the USA. Ancestors were immigrants in the early 1900’s and my kids (fully integrated and visually “white”) don’t really have much experience with this kind of lameness directed towards them.

    People have the ‘right’ to all kinds of opinions and outlooks! What makes this country so great is that since you’re ALLOWED to say what you want…it’s very easy to scope out and identify the basest of the bunch. Relatively smarter people with those same opinions would have kept their racist ideas to themselves. And then we would have never known this about AW. What a blessing this was to anyone who might want to hire her or date her in the future!

    Really smart, ‘evolved’ people don’t have these ideas and believe them and publicly state them.

    Sure, it would have been funny in a comedy sketch with the right context (not after a deadly Tsunami!) and the right delivery. AW has none of that.

    Keep an eye out for AW at your local Wal-mart. I think she’s applied to be the greeter now that that whole ‘College thing” didn’t work out. ah ha ha!

  7. Wakjob says:

    Chinese are trying to take over USA that is why people are pissed. oh, BTW. ching chong! We’ll see how many Americans like Chinese when achina invades us. BTW – the asian students were talking on the phone because they never study – they all just cheat their way through school.