City Launches New Site to Bite Back at Bedbugs

bed bug City Launches New Site to Bite Back at BedbugsDuring the height of the bloodsucking boondoggle last summer the city authorized $500,000 to build a website dedicated to battling bedbugs.

The pesk portal launched this week and, with the help of a little game mechanics, taught us that bedbugs might be biting us right now, despite the fact that our apartment is spotlessly clean homes and all the lights are on.

According to Crain’s, the city tracked more than 31,700 bedbug-related 311 calls—a 20% rise over the prior year. So what exactly should we do about this? Well, for a lot of people, apparently, the bites don’t cause irritation and so go unnoticed. Bedbugs don’t spread disease and some of the worst symptoms come from scratching or losing sleep due to anxiety.

Basiclly, relax.  Don’t confuse these critters with an infestation of carpet beetles and give yourself a heart attack.