Cuomo Wants You to Contact Your Legislator

Andrew Cuomo vowed to stockpile campaign cash in order to defend himself from the powerful “special interests” he said would undoubtedly move to block his agenda.


Now, we’re getting some sign of what that Cuomo offensive looks like.

Minutes ago, the Andrew Cuomo Committee sent out an email, urging readers to “Contact your state legislator today and urge them to pass” the governor’s plan on redesigning Medicaid.

The email is mild in tone, especially when compared to some of the rhetoric coming form one of his legislative spokesmen, Josh Vlasto, who called a critic of the plan, NYPRIG’s Blair Horner, a “mouthpiece for trial lawyers.”

Horner is, among other things, a one-time aide to Cuomo.

The email says it was “paid for by Andrew Cuomo 2014 Inc.” and uses a P.O. Box registered to “Cuomo Duffy 2010.”

If anything, the email does serve as a reminder that Cuomo does has $4,176,120.01 in the bank, and can rev up that engine if he had to. He hasn’t really had to spend any of that money since the people he expected to be fighting him – those “special interest” – were, on Medicaid at least – turned into “stakeholders” and became part of the decision-making process he’s now defending. So, the post-campaign targets Cuomo is focusing on are, basically, legislators. 

Cuomo Wants You to Contact Your Legislator