Ed Cox Counts Budget as Another Republican Victory

In the wake of yesterday’s on-time budget, Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox is out with a statement proclaiming that the G.O.P.’s victories at the ballot box over the last couple of years helped pave the way. 

“The extraordinary Republican victories in the 2009 local elections sent a strong message that New Yorkers wanted fiscally responsible government,” Cox says. “Andrew Cuomo got the message and in his gubernatorial campaign ran on fiscally responsible Republican policies.  With the 2010 elections producing a Senate Republican Majority and a stronger Republican Assembly conference, Governor Cuomo could close a gaping budget deficit by reducing spending and not raising taxes.”

Cox is not all praise, however. He knocks Cuomo for not going as far as George Pataki did in 1995 in cutting the size of state government and for not doing more to pare back the “regulatory burdens on businesses, schools and counties.”

“Governor Cuomo’s polls are sky high due to his well deserved budget success,” Cox says. “Now the Governor must use all his political skills and capital to work with Republicans and willing Democrats to make the huge changes required to grow our state’s economy, bring back jobs and keep New York the commercial and financial capital of the nation and the world.”