Ed Koch: I'm For Ray Kelly. Or Christine Quinn

Former Mayor Ed Koch addressed the Downtown-Lower Manhattan Association yesterday, and according to two sources there, he made his feelings about 2013 pretty clear, telling the crowd that he supported police commissioner Ray Kelly for Mayor in 2013. And if Kelly doesn’t run, Koch said he plans to back City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

According to someone there, Koch asked the audience of 75 or so how many of them also supported Kelly. When only a handful of hands went up, he said, “That surprises me for such a smart crowd.”

So far, Kelly has given no indication that he plans to run, but a Q-Poll released yesterday gave him sky-high approval ratings.

Over the past year, Koch has been out on the trail endorsing candidates left and right who signed onto his “New York  Uprising” pledge and he retains serious popularity and credibility among older, outer borough voters in particular.