Daily News Copies The Daily's Nude Therapy Non-Story

nakedtherapist Daily News Copies The Daily's Nude Therapy Non StoryToday the New York Daily News ripped off The Daily‘s naked therapist story, which ran Monday. New York dailies run virtually identical stories all the time, but this case seems exceptionally bad because:

1. It’s not actual news, or even a trend (the woman featured in both stories, Sarah White, is naked therapy’s sole, pioneering, and self-promotional practitioner).

2. We doubt the Daily News would have run a fluff piece the Post already ran two days later. They probably thought they could get away with it because they think no one reads that iPad-only news-video game hybrid anyway. They even replicated The Daily‘s video.

3. People do read it, at least for now, because it’s all online for free. And they especially read Mr. Silverman’s nude therapy story because The Daily pushed it so hard. They tweeted about it no fewer than five times on Monday.

4. Don’t they know Justin Rocket Silverman, like, owns the sexual stunt piece? (Actually, maybe he and Gay Talese have joint custody.)

We hope all this press gives Ms. White enough business to support her through grad school and into more rigorous therapeutic practices as soon as possible, and we hope The Daily has a strategy in the works for stopping more visible news platforms from poaching their iPad-only stories.

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