Facial Recognition! New York’s Lawmaker Look-alikes

It's all in the 'stache, folks.

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The left-side hair swoop, the animated eyebrows, the glasses, the podium. You should see them in matching baseball caps.

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It wasn't just the glasses that sold us on this one—check out those matching jawlines!

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You could say Michael Kors kinda looks like the well-sunned version of DiNapoli. Or you could say DiNapoli kinda looks like the surprised version of Michael Kors (he has wider eyes). But the handsome melon heads sort of clinch it.

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The right-hand man of Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, Sen. Tom Libous, always has sort of an epic demeanor—just like Tony Soprano, minus the Prozac.

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Not pictured: killer Queens accents.

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Just a couple of suit-wearin' square-headed eyebrow-cockin' Don Juans.

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Carl Paladino, can you look into this? Did Andrew Cuomo have a love child and name it Michael Cera? Something tells us those deep hazel eyes couldn't have come from just anywhere.

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