Foodspotting App Hits Android Just in Time for SXSW

Foodspotting, the San Francisco-based start-up represented in New York by co-founder Soraya Darabi, just hit the Android Market. It’s the “lite” version, the company says, which lets users upload and geotag pictures of food and see pictures of food available nearby.

Foodspotting rushed to push out an Android version of the app before South By Southwest Interactive, literally a movable feast of street food trucks and vendors.

Is an app dedicated to documenting food really necessary, when eaters can append photos to check-ins with Foursquare and Yelp? Yes, according Foodspotting’s 600,000 users. Food porn is one of the subeconomies of social media that could secede and still have a critical mass of users in the conversation (other examples: television, fashion, Justin Bieber).

Foodspotting is also sponsoring the Official SXSW Street Food Fest on Sunday, March 13th, featuring sliders, meat pies, hot dogs, chili, barbecue, taco and cupcakes and hosting a Secret Menu Scavenger Hunt, a guided tour of food trucks.

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Foodspotting App Hits Android Just in Time for SXSW