Foursquare Now Helps Dogs Train Their Masters

foursquare dog badge Foursquare Now Helps Dogs Train Their MastersMarketers are a bizarre bunch, especially when they talk to one another about what makes great advertising work.

“People enjoy getting something for free. At a check in with Foursquare for example. And they do it over and over again. It’s the same conditioning for dogs,” wrote the creators of the Foursquare marketing campaign for the German dog food Granata.

We always suspected something more was going on with the points and badges Foursquare gives out to motivate users, but this is pure Pavlov.

Yes, its cool to see companies figuring out innovative ways to tap Foursquare’s technology and deploy real world benefits to users. But this is a little much. From the list of objectives:  “Catch the target group while walking the dog and use the typical condition approach, but now for the masters. From now on, the dog commands the owner.”