Fred Dicker: Yesterday's Protesters Weren't Nice, Bloomberg Is Probably Glad to Lose State Aid

It’s hard not paying attention when New York Post State Editor Fred Dicker speaks, which he does each day from 10 to 11 a.m. on his radio show.

Some highlights from today’s show:

Dicker said the state budget “would have been an early budget if it wasn’t for the Assembly Democrats,” led by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. Later, Dicker asked, rhetorically, if the powerful speaker couldn’t have passed the budget in the lower house hours, if not days, earlier.

Dicker dissed the protesters who were in the Capitol yesterday, calling them “disruptive” and “dirty.” He then compared them to the better-behaved Tea Party protesters who visited Albany last year.

“If you went outside,” said Dicker, “whether you like them or not, last year, last year-and-a-half really, and saw some of the Tea Party rallies here, the anti-big government rallies, that’s a grassroots movement. They probably had five or six hundred people. They didn’t come into the Capitol screaming, disrupting, completely ignoring the fact that what they’re disrupting and screaming about represents our democracy.” Dicker went on to say, “Groups like that don’t come in to disrupt. Why is it always the groups on the left, or the union groups, come in and scream and yell?”

The “most important outstanding issue” facing Governor Cuomo is, according to Dicker, the property tax cap. “Ethics are very important, of course. I’m not sure legislative redistricting in a ‘non-partisan’ way is necessarily a good thing or can even be achieved.”

On New York City, Dicker said Bloomberg “is probably happy about the loss of state aid because it gives him cover to blame the governor for the layoffs that he’s going to do.”

The New York Post Editorial Page Editor Bob McManus, who was a guest on the show, chimed in, and said, “Absolutely.”