Kickstarter Has Raised $10 M., Mostly From New York Investors

kickstarter chen strickler Kickstarter Has Raised $10 M., Mostly From New York InvestorsThe fund raising platform Kickstarter has been on a tear, and now we’re getting a sense of the money it has raised to help it scale.

Peter Kafka of All Things D reports that the company has raised $10 million from a slew of locals including Union Square Ventures, Betaworks and Zach Klein. Local angles like Scott Heiferman and Observer Media’s Jared and Josh Kushner are also backers of the company.

For the most part Kickstarter has been shy about press, but that will change with the new issue of Wired, which features the company as part of a themed issue on the DIY revolution.

As Betabeat’s Adrianne Jeffries first reported back in December, the company has been smashing fund raising records in recent months. The Tik Tok watch project was their first to break $500K and ended up falling just short of $1 million. That’s way up from it’s biggest project of 2009, which pulled in less than $90,000.

Recently the company rolled out curated pages, an attempt to surface more of the projects available for funding while maintaining the curatorial ethos that has been part of their winning strategy. It will be interesting to see if part of the expansion involves an expansion of the number of projects that are approved for the funding process.