Mobile Is Money: IAC Opens Mobile Incubator

iac bldg Mobile Is Money: IAC Opens Mobile Incubator

Hatchable: The IAC building in Chelsea.

Mobile start-ups have another choice when it comes to finding a launching pad here in Silicon Alley: Hatch Labs, the just-announced-but-already-operating mobile-centric incubator from New York’s own lovable confused tech and content powerhouse IAC. 

Mobile has been a big grower for IAC, which has struggled in recent years to find the sweet spot in tech. Dinesh Moorjani, former SVP of IAC Mobile, will head up an in-house incubator in partnership with mobile strategy and product development shop Xtreme Labs, based in Toronto. Entrepreneurs will get terms similar to TechStars or Y Combinator, Mr. Moorjani told TechCrunch, in exchange for Xtreme mentorship and “funding, marketing and delivery” through IAC’s channels.