Morning Read: Cuomo Negotiates, Mangano Cuts, Councilmen Struggle for Their Homes

newsdaymarch23 Morning Read: Cuomo Negotiates, Mangano Cuts, Councilmen Struggle for Their HomesLibya: “Mr. Obama reiterated that the United States would step back from the leading role within days, but he also said it was confronting the complexities of running the military campaign with a multilateral force cobbled together quickly and without a clear understanding among its members about their roles.” [NYT]

Libya: How to differentiate between revolutions, and civil war between “tribes with flags.” [Thomas Freidman]

NY26: Hochul’s spokesman doesn’t want to discuss Hochul’s record as a local legislator, but Republicans do. [Robert McCarthy]

Redistricting: “[T]he Senate Republicans are stuck in the middle.” [Nick Reisman]

State Budget: Hints the budget might be late. [AP]

State Budget: In a reversal, Cuomo now says it’s unlikely rent regulations and property tax cap will be in the budget. “It’s complicated,” he said. [Thomas Kaplan]

Nassau Budget: Managano is proposing 213 layoffs and 13 days of unpaid furloughs. [Celeste Hardrick]

Millionaires Tax: State Senator Patty Ritchie, an opponent who is being targeting by campaign-style ads. [Brian Amaral]

Foreclosure: Two City Councilmen have homes in foreclosure. [Daily News]

Nuclear: Cuomo’s history of trying to shut down Indian Point. [Thomas Kaplan]

Prisons: “Communities upstate have become economically addicted to prisons — sort of like smoking crack,” said Assemblyman Jeff Aubry said. [Casey Seiler]

Parks NYC: “Freshkills Park…It sounds like where the Manson family goes for their recreational activities,” said Vinny Ignizio. [Liz Robins]

NJ Education: Christie blasts a judge who criticized the governor’s $1 billion cut to education. [NY Post]