Morning Read: The Troubles of Senator Kruger, Assemblyman Boyland and Lobbyist Richard Lipsky

Corruption: “Prosecutors have made a cottage industry of scrutinizing members of the Senate.[Vielkind]

Corruption: State Senator Kruger and Assemblyman Boyland are expected to turn themselves in. [Daily News]

Corruption: Kruger and lobbyist Richard Lipsky are expected to turn themselves in. [NY Post]

Corruption: Kruger, Boyland, Lipsky, Kurger and two hospital executives are expected to turn themselves in. [NY Times]

Redesigning Medicaid: “About 8,400 patients receiving home-care services could be booted from the Medicaid rolls for failing to fully disclose family income, under a crackdown by Gov. Cuomo.” [Carl Campanile]

Same-Sex Marriage: Skelos’ spokesman hedges on pledge to bring bill up for vote, saying it would happen “If the conference believes it should be.” [Vielkind]

Peter King Hearings: They’re thorny. [Newsday]

Peter King Hearings: Nothing unusual about congress looking “various ethnic subcultures.” [Steven Emerson]

Peter King Hearings: “[L]ike most problems, shining a public spotlight on it can only help. [NY Post]

Chris Christie: Not always truthy. [Richard Perez-Pena]

NPR: Shake-up could have impact on local stations. [Post-Standard]

Bikes: Cyclists get home fast than motorists. [Leah Casner]