Odd Future’s Tyler Initiates Human Flesh Search for Mystery Starbucks Girl

A rare moment of sweetness from the swag-talking Tyler the Creator of the rap collective Odd Future: “Back In October I Met The Girl i Want To Marry. Still Havent Found Her,” he tweeted this weekend, linking to a dim cell phone photo of a pretty girl sitting at a small round table in the Starbucks on W. 23rd St. Here’s what he knows about her:

This is a really bad picture of a girl named Mya. I THINK? I met her in New York at a shitty Starbucks near 71 W. 23rd Street. She has a nose ring and curly hair. She goes to school for fashion and carries a sketchbook around. If you know her, tell her to get in contact with Tyler, the Creator. Thank you.

“She Mixed. Fuck, I Gotta Find Her,” he wrote on Twitter. Then: “I’m going to find this bitch.” Then: “No Homo For All This.” Subsequent tweets revealed Mr. Creator later had a stomach ache and “cut his ball skin” skateboarding.

Twitter and Flickr followers chimed in, trying to help by working their e-stalking skills: “Her name is Mya Stone, look it up on FB,” wrote a fan who tried to look her girl up. “No Luck =(,” the Creator said. Others claimed to know the girl but were unwilling to give her up to Mr. Creator or Betabeat. We suggest Reddit as the most effective engine for such things.

UPDATE: Patrick Moberg of Bnter apparently already had success with this.