On Teachers, Senate Democrats Back Cuomo

Despite objections from Bloomberg, the Democrats’ leader in the State Senate, John Sampson, sides with Cuomo:

“We need a fair and objective evaluation system that takes into account the needs of children, parents, and educators. Governor Cuomo’s legislation on teacher seniority meets that goal, and is consistent with the development of evaluation standards required by the Race to the Top legislation we passed last year. It also has the support of the state Education Commissioner.

“Governor Cuomo has taken a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to addressing a complex issue in a manner that protects the needs of our children and recognizes the importance of collective bargaining for our workers.

“We cannot let New York become Wisconsin where an assault has been launched to dismantle the collective bargaining rights of the public workforce under the guise of fiscal emergency. I look forward to working with Governor Cuomo, the Assembly, and our colleagues in the Senate on an intelligent solution to this critical issue.”