Post Publicizes Possible Peking ‘Pad Pushers

104590944 Post Publicizes Possible Peking ‘Pad Pushers

Who’s responsible for the fact that it’s somewhat difficult to buy an iPad 2 right now? Anonymous, cutthroat Chinese smugglers, according to the New York Post!

The Apple grey market isn’t new but the paper says it tracked a group of Asian schemers to the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue, where they use some 200 Asian buyers — does everyone have to be Asian? — to routinely wipe out the store’s iPad stock, which they in turn send to Asia for illicit resale.

“The ones we bought today are already on their way to China,” where the iPad haven’t gone on sale yet, said the [group’s] boss. “It’s been pretty crazy.”

That is pretty crazy! So is the fact that there aren’t any named sources in this piece! But it recalls a story from last summer wherein Apple employees were said to be harassing Asian customers, conducing on-the-spot citizen tests before iPad sales. Then-Attorney General Cuomo supposedly investigated the issue, so it may be the case that Apple has told its employees to kindly stop the racism. Hard to believe Apple really minds when their “magical devices” mysteriously sell out on the first day.