Reddit Turns Its Users on Each Other for April Fool’s Day

aw yea1 Reddit Turns Its Users on Each Other for April Fools DayFrom the site that once made everyone an admin for a day: Reddit will be distributing invites to Reddit Mold today, an anti-premium version of the site that lucky Redditors can then gift to other users.

So what (mis-)features will they get? We’re keeping that under wraps for now, but we will say that if you give someone reddit mold, you get to leave a gift note, which will appear in the right sidebar just like an ad. So one of the features will be that they get to look at whatever you wrote — all day long, on every page. (We should mention that everything goes back to normal on April 2, so you don’t have to worry about long-term implications.)

You can get a Reddit Mold “spore” by hanging out on Reddit today and convincing one of the admins to give it to you–but if you make a misstep, they might Mold your account instead. The surefire way to get a spore is by purchasing a Reddit Gold subscription. Muahaha! Reddit wins!