Report: Altschuler Aiming For Re-match in NY-1–UPDATED

The congressional newspaper Roll Call is out with a report today saying that Randy Altschuler is gearing up for another run against Tim Bishop in New York’s 1st Congressional District out on Long Island.

Altschuler lost to Bishop by fewer than 600 votes; it was the last race decided in the country and for a time Altschuler thought he had one, even heading down to Washington for freshman orientation. Altschuler emerged after a bitter primary with Chris Cox, son of Republican chairman Ed Cox. The younger Cox was the pick of the Suffolk County G.O.P., but many believed their support was part of a deal to lure Steve Levy over to the Republican Party.

Bishop seems to end up on the list of most vulnerable Dems every year, but, as Roll Call notes, it remains to be seen how much redistricting benefits him.


Suffolk County Republican Party chairman John Jay LaValle  calls to say that he has been in touch with Altschuler and confirms Altschuler’s interest.

“Randy has indicated that he is still interested in running,” LaValle says. “And why not? He ran a great race. He came within a point of defeating [Bishop.]”

LaValle added that George Demos, who came in second to Altschuler in 2010, has also discussed with the party the prospect of another run. Cox, he said, has not.  And, LaValle said, it is the intention of the county party to pick a candidate this time, rather than a let the bloody primary drain resources.

“I am not altogether happy with how the candidates conducted themselves last time,” he said.

Report: Altschuler Aiming For Re-match in NY-1–UPDATED