Roundup: Bracing for Cuomo's Budget, Bloomberg Re-Imagines Waterfronts

mrb burden quinn march14 Roundup: Bracing for Cuomo's Budget, Bloomberg Re Imagines WaterfrontsGun Control: “it’s not clear what exactly Obama will do now, or how hard he will push for more gun-control limits.” [Perry Bacon Jr.]

Gun Control: “The contours laid out in [Obama’s] op-ed are similar to the plan currently being pushed by [Mayors Against Illegal Guns] and Sen. Chuck Schumer.” [Sam Stein]

Budget Cuts: Means less tsunami warnings. [Robert Schlesinger]

Promoting Kelly: Bloomberg says “[I] expect him to stay for the next 1,023 days.” [Rich Lamb]

Promoting Kelly: “It’s nice to be talked about like that, but I love my job.” [Ray Kelly]

Peter King Hearings: A former Times reporter wants them stopped. [Jonathan Hicks]

Scandal: Carl Kruger was not at the Democrats meeting today. [Liz Benjamin]

Scandal: Former Israel Prime Minister Olmert is reportedly charged in a major real-estate scandal. [Jewish Week]

Campaign Funds: Oddo says he has Dilan’s support. [Tom Wrobleski]

Promoting Kelly: A reader rudely suggests Schumer is just clearing the 2013 field for Weiner. I politely disagree. [Hackshaw]

Real Estate Emergency: Readers parse Silver’s report. [Obsever]

Cuomo’s Budget: Sounds good to Republican State Senators. [Nick Reisman]

Cuomo’s Budget: Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver isn’t worrying about the governor’s hard-line position. [Jimmy Vielkind]

Cuomo’s Budget: Bloomberg isn’t backing Dems call for higher taxes. [Anna Sale]

Grimm’s Warning: Makes Schumer happy, and is a “potential buffer for Boehner.” [Brian Beutler]

Bloomberg’s Vision: “the city imagines New Yorkers using Metrocards to transfer onto ferries crossing the East River, residents canoeing and kayaking along the Hudson River, and even swimming off Manhattan piers.” [DNA Info]

Senate Democrats: Liz Krueger to Chair Finance Committee. [Liz Benjamin]

Redistricting: Bonancic’s plan lets GOP say they’re for reform, while delaying it. [Celeste Katz]

Debt: Paladino explains his side of the campaign debt story. [Liz Benjamin]

Media: Evan Bayh to Fox. [Mediaite]

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