Roundup: Cuomo Talks Tough About Schools, Bloomberg Talks About Visiting Buffalo

State Budget: Cuomo links property tax cap with rent regulations. [Thomas Kaplan]

State Budget: Koch’s call for a Legislative Budget Office moves forward. [Liz Benjamin]

Public Cuomo: “[T]he governor twice tugged on the back of Senate Minority Leader John Sampson’s suit jacket as the senator gave opening remarks.” [Michael Amon]

Corruption: Mother of Kruger’s alleged accomplice, Dorothy Turano, runs a community board in Brooklyn. [Javier Hernandez]

Salaries: An AP reporter is amazed at how many state workers earn more than the governor. [Beth Fouhy]

New York Times: How to read the paper, online from now on. [Arthur Sulzberger, Jr.]

New York Times: To read it for free, follow @FreeNYT. [The Atlantic]

New York Times: Glad I don’t have to do it. [WNYC]

2012: More talk from Trump as many wait for him to open his books. [Ben Smith]

2012: Palin to Jerusalem; Jewish Week columnist says trip is “unlikely to do her much good with Jewish voters.” [James Besser]

Insulting Bloomberg: The AP finds the same critic at the St. Patrick’s Parade as I did. [AP]

Insulting Bloomberg: That critic is Dennis Dunn of suburban Yonkers. [AP]

Insulting Buffalo: Mayor there accepts Bloomberg’s apology. [WBEN]

Visiting Buffalo: “I should get up there and see for myself,” Bloomberg said, according to Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown. [Buffalo News]

School Funding: “[O]ne of the largest points of contain.” [NY1]

School Funding” Cuomo says there’s “waste” and “abuse” in districts. “Districts say ‘we don’t have any.’ I don’t believe it.” [Reuters]

School Funding: Littlefield, in the comments section, says NYC should, but won’t, talk about “massive spending on retirees.” [NYO]

Tea Party: “[Rep.] Grimm took aim at the very same tea party that supposedly spurred him to victory.” [Aaron Blake]

Tea Party: Responding to Rep. Grimm, Tea Party leader says “he exhibits a flawed understanding of where extremism ends and common sense begins.” [Frank Santarpia]

School Funding: Advocacy video says, “We think you’re crazy to make us sacrifice our futures with inequitable cuts to high-needs schools.” [Times Union]

Homeless NYC: 15,000 may stop getting city help within two weeks. [The Republic]

Labor: “It’s very hard to get a favorable story about unions in the papers,” AFL-CIO state leader Dennis Hughes complains. [Tom Robbins]

Media: If he were so concerned, why did Soros give NPR money? And whey did NPR take it? [Keach Hagey]

Media: Boycott HuffPo? [Columbia Journalism Review]

Pictures: The public talk after the private talk. [Cuomo’s Flickr]

Pictures: Bloomberg and Wayne Barrett. [Bloomberg’s Flickr]

Pictures: Obama talking to Japan’s Prime Minister. [White House Flickr]


Roundup: Cuomo Talks Tough About Schools, Bloomberg Talks About Visiting Buffalo