Roundup: 'Regressive' Budget for Andrew Cuomo, 'Rude and Inappropriate' Question for Sandra Lee

Labor: SEIU accuses Workers United President Raynor of wrongdoing. [Steven Greenhouse]

Bloomberg’s Mailers: Not much feedback. [Adam Lisberg]

State Budget: “Regressive” is how New York magazine’s Chris Smith described it. [WNYC]

State Budget: “We’re both going to express ourselves. And in the end we need his help to help us balance our budget,” said Bloomberg. [Andrew Grossman]

State Budget: No tax on horse-racing purse. [Paul Post]

State Budget: “Cuomo, who seemed to get his way on every aspect of the budget.” [Adam Wisnieski]

State Budget: Cuomo downplays importance of getting it done early. [Thomas Kaplan]

Taxes: Bickering in the State Senate. [Caitlin Thompson]

Redistricting: Koch goes after Skelos; “disgraced himself.” [Liz Benjamin]

School Chancellor: “For Black to succeed, she’ll have to prove she can do more than manage a big bureaucracy. She’ll also have to connect with its people,” says Beth Fertig. [WNYC]

School Money: Unions near Syracuse save the district $1.2 million. [Sarah Moses]

Sandra Lee: “[W]hat she does has nothing to do with New York State government, which is convenient,” says Yglesias. [Think Progress]

Sandra Lee: [R]ude and inappropriate” for reporter to “ask her about her boyfriend,” says blogger. [Nicole Fabian-Weber]

Investigation: Tax prepares rack up 1,200 violations, based on NYC investigation. [CBS Local]

Twitter: Escape snake makes international news for his tweets. [Reuters]