Solvate’s Julie Ruvolo Introduces Friends With Benefits

For the last two years Julie Ruvolo worked at Solvate, a digital platform she helped found that connects small businesses with independent workers.  But in December she parted ways with the company and has since moved away from startups to pursue her first passion, sex.

Ruvolo got her B.A. from Stanford, an Anthropology degree culminating in honors for thesis work in Rio de Janeiro on the Carnaval parade. “Being down there really reshaped my views on sex and how uptight everyone in America is,” says Ruvolo.

As the new digital lead at New York’s Museum of Sex, Ruvolo will be curating a newsletter, launching today, that collects the best in sex from around the web. The title, Friends With Benefits, is a sly reference to the Museum’s success in the new social shopping arena. “I don’t know what it is about our audience, but they just go all in for things like GroupOn.”

Further down the line she has plans to help the museum with a genetics program that would be more accessible to the public than a 23andMe. “We could test ourselves for the slut gene or see what our offspring might end up looking like,” Ruvolo told The Observer.