Spitzer Says Silver Didn't Trust DiNapoli, But Made Him Comptroller Anyway

eliotspitzer333 Spitzer Says Silver Didn't Trust DiNapoli, But Made Him Comptroller AnywayEliot Spitzer drops this gem, in an interview with the West Side Spirit:

The first battle was over the choice of comptroller. And Tom DiNapoli is a fine guy. Like him, he’s a friend.

But I said, “You guys are putting institutional interest over public interest. He’s not the guy who should be running our pension funds.” I had a conversation with Shelly Silver back then, in which I said, “Shelly, if you had your pension here, would you give it to Tom DiNapoli to manage?” He said, “Of course not.” So I said, “Then why would you make him the comptroller?”

So I would go back to the public and maybe the legislature and speak to them in a different way, but not be any less demanding… I got criticized after we did our first budget for actually sitting down and talking to them to get compromises. We got a heck of creative steps, $600 million, we changed education policy, changed health care policy. We redid worker’s comp, saving businesses $2 billion by restructuring, all in four months.

A spokesman for DiNapoli declined to comment.

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