Stringer Says King's Hearing Make U.S. Less Safe

One day after Bill de Blasio stepped into the void – created in no small part by Michael Bloomberg’s silence – in comes Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer.

In a letter to Rep. Peter King, Stringer says the congressman’s hearings on terrorism and Islam will make America less safe.

The city is in dire need of advancements in anti-terror technology.  As Chair of the powerful Homeland Security Committee, you have the unique opportunity to use your role to fight to ensure that the City receives every last dollar of anti-terror funds it needs.  Choosing to call instead for a misguided series of hearings that will only serve to detract attention from the real issues at hand is absolutely unconscionable.  Our security in part rests on your shoulders, so for you to simply shrug and create needless diversions puts us all in harm’s way.