The King's Suit! Newly On-Top Harvey Gets Nailed by Director

The 1990s are back, baby! Harvey Weinstein is the target of a lawsuit from the filmamkers beind a never-released film, Escape From Planet Earth, who claim Mr. Weinstein’s alleged incompetence and erratic decision-making sabotaged the production. Tony Leech and Brian Inerfeld further claim they received a $500,000 payout from Mr. Weinstein to hush them up until after the Oscars. Money well spent, we’d say!

Moviegoers, if you want that middlebrow Oscary fare of the sort the Weinstein’s specialize in, you’re going to have to accept what comes with it: the producer-from-hell stories, the tantrums over Oscar speeches and all the rest. It’s a package deal. :: @DPD_