Torpey runs for Village Prez in South Orange

Digital media entrepreneur Alex Torpey today announced his candidacy for Village President in the town of South Orange.  

“I was raised in South Orange, and I’ve chosen to continue making it not only the place I call home but where to establish my business as well,” Torpey said. “I’ve come to realize that the best way for me to help ensure a bright future for our town is to help direct it.”

“There is a lot more that we can do to bring people into the governing process. In times where I think most of us would agree that there is national and even international distress over the role of government in people’s lives, we have the opportunity in South Orange to set an example of how to better connect government with the people they serve.”

A 2005 Columbia High School alumnus who has lived in South Orange for more than thirteen years, Torpey currently serves as a trustee on the South Orange Public Library Board, a volunteer EMT on the South Orange Rescue Squad and sits on the Citizen’s Public Safety Committee. Torpey also currently volunteers with the South Orange Police Department, coordinating their Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) to help prepare South Orange residents to respond to emergency situations.