'Who the Heck Is the Mayor…'

In case Fred Dicker’s objections to Bloomberg’s Albany strategy weren’t clear enough, he said on his radio show this morning, “who the heck is a mayor, any mayor, to tell the governor that he wants something to be part of the budget? How presumptious can you be?”

Bloomberg has pressed Governor Cuomo to put the State Senate’s ‘Last In First Out’ legislation into the budget (today is the deadline, actually). Cuomo has resisted, and offered up his own plan, which Bloomberg aides dismissed as inadequate.

Bloomberg has been using the threat of imminent layoffs that, under the current rules, would decimate some of the most needy schools. But Dicker’s guest, New York Post City Hall Bureau Chief David Seifman, said the tactic probably won’t work, considering the city’s budget shows stronger-than-expected tax revenues coming in.

“I don’t’ think anyone believes they’ll be 4,600 layoffs,” said Seifman.