Will The Strokes End Up on Lorne Michaels' Banned List?

Julian Casablancas of the Strokes seemed to drop the f-bomb on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live broadcast, towards the end of a performance of new song “Under Cover of Darkness.” (In the video below, it’s audible at about 3:59.) “I highly doubt it was purposeful–he’s not that kind of guy,” a member of the band’s management team told The Observer.

Either way, and though Saturday Night Live airs late enough to fall under the FCC’s post-10p.m. “safe harbor,” Mr. Casablancas may have cut off future promotional opportunities, as producer Lorne Michaels is notoriously against deviations from plan. The band The Replacements never appeared on-air again after (among other infractions) yelling the f-word during their performance in 1986, nor did Sinead O’Connor after her papal rip nor Adrien Brody for a faux-Rastafarian improv. Mr. Casablancas seemed to mouth “I’m sorry!” to the audience after his performance ended. Saturday Night Live representatives had no comment.

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