You Must Remember This: Driving Past the Paywall Edition

Plenty happens each day—how to keep up with it all? Time to test your memory!

–Which TV show might–not soon enough for some!–be coming back?

–Which journalist has a tale to tell about Paris Hilton’s late-1990s racism?

–Which car company is giving all of The Observer‘s friends, seemingly, but not The Observer himself, free access to the Times for a year post-paywall?

–Which Saturday Night Live cast member of yore is even ruder and more un-P.C. than Chevy Chase?

–What dish does Kate Winslet serve on film–and Evan Rachel Wood scarf up in real life?

–Chris Brown’s album title F.A.M.E. indicates he will do what to “All My Enemies”? Has this goal been achieved? :: @DPD_