You Must Remember This: How Lindsay Lohan Gets Her Knicks!

Plenty happens each day—how to keep up with it all? Time to test your memory!

–How did Tina Fey acquit herself as a tertiary character in a fake Bravo reality show?

–…and how does Mel Gibson do in Jodie Foster’s new dip into directing?

–Speaking of which! How did the husky-voiced directress–scandalously!–finagle her way onto the cover of The Hollywood Reporter?

–But surely THR has no greater problems at the moment?

–What’s the “coke of the art world”? (It isn’t coke? It isn’t coke!)

–What player lured Lindsay Lohan to the Knicks game last night (away from hangouts in “the art world”–she heard their priorities had shifted!)?

–No Lohan he, which Vogue reporter “wasn’t exactly sure what a Knick was“?

–Extra credit: What is a Knick? :: @DPD_