You Must Remember This: Where Does Bruni Get Blotto?

Plenty happens each day–how to keep up with it all? Time to test your memory!

–Which public figure is, for some scary reason, the subject of political polling–and is more electable than Sarah Palin?

–Which network, under new management and ownership, just renewed its beloved and low-rated sitcoms?

–How will ‘Teenage Meme’ Rebecca Black lose our interest after tomorrow?

–Who’s the best-dressed New York doll?

–What potentially financially disastrous decision did Courtney Love (maybe) make today?

–What’s the next great The Daily-style paid-content jailbreak?

–How is Broadway copying the opera’s big idea?

–Where does Frank Bruni go for after-theater drinks? (Sometimes he’s feeling upscale, and, well, sometimes…)

–Is leaving your executive job to judge a reality show a good idea? :: @DPD_