10 MORE Things the Media Either Gets Wrong or Doesn’t Know About the Winklevoss Twins

winklevoss twins mibs 10 MORE Things the Media Either Gets Wrong or Doesnt Know About the Winklevoss TwinsHot on the heels of yesterday’s earth-shaking revelations about the Winklevii, we’ve compiled 10 MORE things the media either gets wrong or doesn’t know about the world’s most famous identical twins (with apologies to Billy and Benny McCrary).*


*NOTE: The following facts may or may not be true.

1. They hate cilantro.

2. Tyler’s childhood nickname is “Cameron.”

3. Both are one inch taller than the other.

4. Their parents didn’t get around to naming Tyler until he was 7 years old.

5. Never actually went to Harvard, but volunteered like crazy for the Crew team.

6. The Winklevoss Family made its fortune on Jeopardy!

7. Cameron LOVES the TV show Medium; Tyler thinks it’s just okay.

8. Put their pants on both legs at a time by way of a proprietary leg-sheathing device.

9. They aren’t just jocks – Cameron remains one of the world’s most sought-after hand models (Right hand, only).

10. Were part of an octuplet birth but killed and ate the rest of their siblings.