Raises $2.7 M. for Advertising Across Social Media Sites

Buddy Media has been a big New York success story, raising nearly $40 to manage media campaigns for brand’s on Facebook. But there are a lot more outlets for social media spending than Mark Zuckerberg’s blue and white kingdom. is looking to help companies figure out how to market across everything from Twitter to LinkedIn to Playfish. just raised $2.7 million from First Round Capital, Charles River Ventures, Kirschenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners and Lerer Ventures.

Just as fragmentation in the smartphone market makes it expensive for app developers, having to treat each social network as a separate silo sucks up time and potentially wastes money. “Just as Youtube broke the prehistoric video industry, and as blogging broke the newspaper monopoly, advertising is getting disrupted by self-serve ad platforms,” says founder Nikhil Sethi.

For certain kinds of campaigns, video for example, the company found that social news sites like StumbleUpon way outperformed Facebook. Different services have different ecosystems around sharing. Instead of committing to a single outlet,  Advertisers can sign up to spend a certain amount, then shift their focus when they see how different sites are performing.