Amy Tennery Will Edit Blogul Dan Abrams' New Blog About Moguls

Dan Abrams has hired Amy Tennery, formerly of The Real Deal, to serve as managing editor of Mogulite, Abrams Media’s latest blog venture, which “will focus on the most interesting personalities in tech, business and media.”

“I think Amy has the perfect combination of professional experience for,” Mr. Abrams told The Observer. “From working at a financial blog to a real estate blog to, she knows moguls, she knows digital media and we loved her writing samples.”

Mr. Abrams is the author of Man Down, which posits that women are smarter, have better memories, are savvier on social media and more adept at avoiding internet fraud than men, among other things, so it’s no wonder he’s picked a female for the site’s top spot.

“I was reluctant initially because I worried that a site focused solely on the rich and powerful would be overly snarky or even petty,” Ms. Tennery said, “But I felt like Mr. Abrams and I had similar ideas.”

“The idea is to mine the inner workings of moguls’ lives while also trying to elevate the discourse,” she said, adding that Mogulite will avoid being “gleefully mean.”

Ms. Tennery’s favorite mogul is Warren Buffet–“he’s like a Mensa Teddy Bear”–and she finds the Tisch and Lauder families compelling too.

“That item in the Post today about Aerin Lauder was interesting,” she said, “I’ll be watching to see what her next move is.”

Mogulite soft launches on April 21 for a select group of viewers and goes public on April 25. :: @kstoeffel



Amy Tennery Will Edit Blogul Dan Abrams' New Blog About Moguls