Aristotle Circle Raises $2 Million to Ace Admissions Process With Insider Info

Manhattan parents take the admissions process very seriously. A mother recently sued her daughter’s exclusive private pre-school on the grounds that it had harmed her 4-year-old daughters chances of getting into an ivy league college.

So it makes sense that a service dedicated to besting the opaque world of admissions would be a big market. New York based Aristotle Circle just raised $2 million from Rho Ventures to grow their staff and continue international expansion.

“A lot of parents don’t even need to meet in person, they are fine with email and Skype, so long as the expert has knowledge that can help them,” says CEO Suzanne Rheault.

The nature of these experts has created some controversy. In April The New York Times reported on a woman who paid $1,250 through Aristotle Circle to connect with a board member from an elite private school. The board member looked over her child’s essay and provided tips on the personality of the admissions director.

via PE Hub