Bloomberg to Talk Immigration at White House Tomorrow

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is headed down to Washington, D.C. tomorrow and included in his visit is a stop-over at the White House to talk immigration reform with President Barack Obama.

Last year, the mayor testified before Congress along side News Corp. head Rupert Murdoch about reforming the nation’s immigration laws, and testily told a judiciary sub-committee “What frustrates the American public…is that we can’t understand why you guys complain about immigrants coming over the border illegally and then don’t do anything about it.” 

Critics have accussed Obama of dragging his feet on immigration reform. Last year he pushed for passage of the DREAM Act, which have provided a pathway to citizenship for children brought to the country illegally, but the measure died in the Senate. He has been relatively silent on the issue since.

Mayor Bloomberg will make remarks at a “Road Safety Meeting” at the World Bank.