Cuomo Fumes ‘I Can’t Believe They Mentioned My Family’

Laura Kusisto:

During a meeting Monday with Democratic Senate and Assembly members and activists, the typically monotone Andrew Cuomo was furious. “I can’t believe they mentioned my family,” the governor said.


He was referring to a heavily edited YouTube video of Joseph Strasburg, president of the pro-landlord Rent Stabilization Association, at a town hall meeting of his members. “Andrew Cuomo will crush you like his father did,” Mr. Strasburg said in the video, which tenant activists seized upon like the keys to a gracious $600-a-month apartment.

On a call with The Observer on Tuesday, Mr. Strasburg was at once unapologetic and more conciliatory. “This time I have all of my clothes on,” he joked, referring to the fact that his attire changes throughout the heavily edited video. He said the comments were taken out of context. He hasn’t spoken with the governor, but he’s holding another closed town hall meeting this week and said: “I’m not attacking anyone on a personal level.”