Dunham Disc Tiny Furniture to Be a Criterion Classic

Lena Dunham just got even cooler–her 2010 film Tiny Furniture is to be released by the Criterion Collection, the numbered-spine gold standard of great cinema. (Recent releases include Jean-Luc Godard’s Vivre sa vie and John Ford’s Stagecoach. The release is likely tied to Criterion’s business deal with IFC Films, the production company whose recent films White Material, Fish Tank, and Antichrist are included in the Collection as well. Fans seem mixed–a poster on the Criterion Forum message boards, a site that serves as a good barometer of film-geek interest, writes “So…I’m not an expert or anything, but will Tiny Furniture be the first film in the collection that was shot on a Canon 7d?”

In 2009, Peter Becker, the head of Criterion, said that the company is challenged by “how to reconcile the volume of work that we are doing on classics with the somewhat more urgent needs of contemporary films.” Ms. Dunham’s film needs no preservation work of the sort done to older prints–its gritty look is rather the point–but will surely be buttressed with the insane quantity of extra features that build hype around Criterion releases, and justify the steep price tag ($40 or so a movie!). We can only hope there’s a supplementary disc with the complete first season of Girls.

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