His Way or the Highway! Jerry Weintraub Turns the Camera On Himself

“I’m going to be as humble as I can, which is always very difficult for me,” show business legend Jerry Weintraub told a packed screening room in the Time Warner building last week at the premiere of His Way, the new HBO documentary about his decades of success. For the next 90 minutes, Mr. Weintraub and his guests—including producer Graydon Carter and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly—watched as a parade of mega-stars sang the producer’s praises on camera. The film’s narrative arc tracks both his career in entertainment and his unorthodox personal life, in which he successfully juggles both a wife and a much-younger girlfriend, both of whom fully support the arrangement.

One attendee, professional non-writer Fran Lebowitz, had been the subject of her own HBO documentary, Public Speaking, last year, and she was still recovering.

“Horrible!” was how she described the experience to the Transom. “It was particularly horrible to me because somehow I had managed to convince myself that in 1981 and 2010 I looked the same. I was so shocked that I didn’t.”

A dapper Whit Stillman was also on hand. The director’s newest, Violet Wister’s Damsels in Distress, was just picked up by Sony Pictures Classics. “It should be out by September,” Mr. Stillman revealed. (Not a moment too soon—it’s his first release in 13 years.)

After the screening, the party migrated to Porter House, the restaurant two floors up. The Transom rode the escalator with Gay Talese, who found Mr. Weintraub’s romantic situation to be the film’s most interesting element. “Now, Warren Buffet had something like that, you know,” he said.

A thought occurred. “Jerry Weintraub should have produced Thy Neighbor’s Wife!” Mr. Talese said. “The film would have actually been made!”

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His Way or the Highway! Jerry Weintraub Turns the Camera On Himself