Foursquare Doing Its Part to Get Googlers Rich

dennis crowley points e1302516698943 Foursquare Doing Its Part to Get Googlers RichGoogle is said to be making big offers to senior engineers to keep them from defecting to startups where pre-IPO shares might mean a big payday.

Well New York can’t let the west coast have all the fun. Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley has jumped into the Google baiting game, passing along this note with a little help from Mike Arrington:

“If you’re a Google employee and you aren’t out interviewing at Facebook, Twitter or Zynga you are a moron.”

what about foursquare, brother?!

we’re hiring faster than we can drop desks in here!

where’ the love?! 🙂

Dennis Crowley
co-founder / ceo, foursquare

Foursquare is looking for engineers on both coasts, having recently opened a San Francisco office. Folks looking to get a sense of the kind of problems they are tackling can see some what they have been up to on their engineering blog, here. Turns out there’s a good bit of thought behind finding the rudest cities in the world.