Gillibrand, Not Exactly Like Schumer on Redistricting Reform and Bike Lanes

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has not been afraid to jump out in front of an issue, even if the state’s senior Senator, Chuck Schumer, isn’t quite there yet (i.e. same-sex marriage). But recently, Schumer has caused a stir with his opposition to non-partisan redistricting and his “mysteriously quiet” stance on bike lanes in New York City.

Gillibrand is, for now, letting the issues play out without taking the lead on them.

During a brief interview in Albany on Saturday, I asked Gillibrand what she thought of non-partisan redistricting. “I think it’s a very important issue,” Gillibrand said, “and I know it’s something that is going to be struggled with by the governor and the legislature and I think it’s important that they do that hard work.” When asked to elaborate her concerns, Gillibrand said, “We just have to make sure that everyone is well-represented and that’s the crux of the issue.” She did not come out for it, or against it.

When I asked her about bike lanes, Gillibrand said she would defer to others.

“I think it’s a local issue and I think the local community will do what’s best for the local community,” she said.