Giuliani Sees Obama’s Weakness: The Middle East

Rudy Guiliani said he’s still looking at whether to run for president, but there’s one thing he does know for sure.

“[Obama’s] handling of the Middle East should be the best reason why he should be removed from the job. He does not know what he’s doing,” Giuliani said, at the 12:30 mark during an interview this morning with radio host Curtis Sliwa.

“He literally is stumbling and dithering,” said Giuliani, citing Obama’s handling of the Egyptian uprising, and, in more details, the recent conflict in Libya. Criticizing the president’s lack of leadership on foreign policy has become an early cornerstone of Giuliani’s presidential tire-kicking, and plays to his profile as a strong leader better than, say, his less conservative positions on social issues.

“Are they just supposed to do a fly over or are they supposed to engage in trying to remove Qadaffi?,” Giuliani asked. “Since the aim of the mission is to protect the Libyan people, how do you protect the Libyan people without removing Qadaffi? I would have been content if he made one of two decisions: not go in, or go in and win. You don’t go in and dither around and then ultimately leave Qadaffi there.”